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Potential Elective Courses

Elective credits: To earn a minor in Disability Studies, students must take 12 creditsfrom at least two of the three focus areas of Practice, Policy, and Culture Studies. Only one course may be from the student’s major department. Courses for the minor must be at the 3000 level or higher, with the exceptions of ASL courses. All courses taken to fulfill the minor requirement must bepassed with at least a C- grade, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 over all courses in the minor. Students may not elect the Credit/No Credit option for a course to count toward a minor in Disability Studies.

Practice Focus

Course content covers interventions at the individual, family or community/organizational level to reduce social and environmental barriers to participation at home, community and/or the workplace by persons with disabilities. 

CSD 4100 Understanding Children with Autism & Disorders (3)

FCS 3215 Development in Infancy and Childhood (3) -[Social/Behavioral Science Exploration]

GERON 3050 Aging: Self, Family and Society (3)

GERON 3220 Caregiving and Aging Families (3)

GERON 5320 Death, Dying, and Bereavement (3)

HEDU 3190 Death and Dying (3)

KINES 4400 Instructional Strategies in Special Physical Education (3)

KINES 4430 Assessment and Curriculum Development in Special Physical Education (3)

OC TH 3000 Introduction to Occupational Therapy (3)

PRT 3310 Leisure Behavior and Human Diversity (3) - [Diversity]

PRT 5325 Disabilities, Adaptation and Accessibility in Therapeutic Recreation (3)

PSY 3620 Environment and Behavior (3)

SPED 5011 Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms

SPED 5012 Inclusive Secondary Classrooms

SPED 5022 Principles of Instruction & Behavioral Support (3)

SPED 5030 Functional Communication and Language Development (3)

Policy Focus

Course content covers public policy that affects individuals with disabilities and/or their families at local, state, national, or international levels.

CMP 5300 Housing and Community Development (3)

COMM 5420 Contemporary Social Movements (3)

COMM 5490 Communication and Social Justice (3)

ECS 4111 School and Society (3) - [Diversity & Comm/Writing & Humanities Exploration]

ECS 6641 Social Inequality in U.S. Higher Education (3)

FCS 3600 Introduction to Consumer and Community Policy (3) - [Social/Behavioral Science Exploration]

FCS 3620 Environment and Behavior (3)

FCS 5430 Families, Consumers, and Health (3)

FCS 5450 Nonprofit Community Organizations(3)

FCS 5520 Retirement and Benefits Planning for Families (3)

FCS 5600 Environments and Human Behavior (3)

GERON 3001 Experiences of Aging: Challenges and Promise (3) - [Social/Behavioral Science Exploration]

GERON 5001 Introduction to Gerontology (3)

HIST 4090 Perspectives on World Health (3)

POLS 3170 Interest Group Politics (3)

POLS 5550 Nonprofit sector and organizations (3)

POLS 5570 Management of nonprofit organizations (3)

PSY 5480 Psychology and Law (3)

SPED 3020 Special Education Globalization and International Perspectives (3) - [International Requirement]

SPED 5040 Legal & Policy Foundations of Special Education (3)

Culture Studies Focus

Course content covers social and/or cultural constructions of disability.

ASL 1010 Beginning American Sign Language I (4)

ASL 1020 Beginning American Sign Language II (4)

ASL 2010 Intermediate American Sign Language I (4)

ASL 2020 Intermediate American Sign Language II (4)

CSD 4150 Communication Disorders in the Media (3)

ECS 6614 The Culture Wars and Educational Policy (3)

ECS 6627 Race, Culture, & Representation and Education (3)

ECS 6651 Education and Identity (3)

GERON 3005 Race, Ethnicity, and Aging (3) - [DV]

GNDR 3690 Gender and Contemporary Issues (3) - [Diversity & Humanities or Social/Behavioral Science Exploration]

GNDR 5745 Gender and Horror: Fiction, film, and gendered "disabilities" (3)

GNDR 5880 Bad Bodies: Gender and Disability (3)

HIST 4095 The Body and State in Modern Britain (3)

HIST 4370 History of American Social Movements (3)

MUSC 3540 Form and Analysis

PSY 3960 Sexuality and Disability (3)

UGS 3690 Gender and Contemporary Issues (3) - [Diversity & Humanities or Social/Behavioral Science Exploration]

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