Disability Studies Framework

The core course framework is modeled upon a visionfromthe Society for Disability Studies:

"A program in Disability Studies should explore models and theories that examine social, political, cultural and economic factors that define disability and help determine personal and collective responses to difference."

The following framework guides course readings, lectures, service learning experiences, guest speaker selection, and class discussion.

Readings and
Service Learning Experiences, Reflection, Class Discussion, Guest Speakers
Perspective of Disability Models and Theories Collective response Personal response to disability
Health Medical model Health programs Experience of individuals, parents, health care workers
Educational Educational model Education programs Experience of parents, students, educators
Economic Economic model Government assistance Experience of individuals with disabilities, employers
Political, Legal Minority model Federal laws and policies Experiences of self-advocates and advocates
Social Social model Environmental accommodations Experiences of individuals with disabilities
Cultural Ethical theories Literature Ethical mores
Literature and media portrayals
Experiences of individuals with disabilities