2016 Forum Resources

This page contains information to supplement the presentations at the 2016 Disability Studies Forum:  Symposium on Transition and Customized Employment for Individuals with Autism, April 15, 2016.

Recruiting high school students with ASD for study

What is Customized employment?

Customized employment as defined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), U.S. Department of Labor, information page on customized employment. ODEP/Customized Employment

ODEP’s response to the need for customized employment – ODEP funded six different initiatives to document effective, customized employment strategies.  studies on CE effectiveness

Customized Employment Projects.  ODEP funded 20 of these projects.  Links to individual project sites, last edited 9/23/2003  Links to individual CE project sites

ODEP’s link for researchers – links to research articles documenting systems change, training and TA, best practices, and (some) evidence based practices.  List of peer reviewed articles

Employment First

Literature Review on Employment First literature by Amy Huppi, April 12, 2016

Individual Level Studies

Organization and Systems Level Studies

Review Studies and Acronyms, Abbreviations


Federal Resources Available to Support State Employment First Efforts: Technical Brief #4, Office of Disability Employment Policy. LEAD Center of the National Disability Institute. PDF document.

Federal policy changes affecting work programs for individuals with disability

 Summary of major policies included in Titles I and IV of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Policy Brief, LEAD Center of the National Disability Institute. PDF document

Recent Federal Policy Developments/Guidance/Legal Changes that Foster Opportunities for Advancing State Employment 1st Initiatives including Policy Guidance related to Updating Rates and Reimbursement Methodologies for Employment Services and Alternative Services to Support Employment First Goals, Issue Brief prepared by Dr. Lisa Mills & Allan Bergman. PDF document 

Health care benefits for people with disabilities with earned income

Costs of Health Care: Medicaid for Employment People with Disabilities - Effects of employment on health care costs, University of Iowa Public Policy Center, December 2012. PDF document

How does the Medicaid Work Incentive (MWI) program affect earnings, health care expenditures, and utilization of public assistance for individuals with disabilities?, University of Utah Center for Public Policy & Administration, December 2010. PDF document

 Transition from school to work for students with disabilities

Utah Transition Today: A 2014 Report of Opportunities and Barriers, Utah Disability Law Center. PDF document